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LongCap convinces bottlers- and lovers of wine alike. Because you can use the aluminium closure to prevent external tastes and maintain the taste and aroma of your wine. Opening and reclosure is managed easily and without any tools. LongCap is also convincing in the production process. Closure is reduced to a single step - in contrast to other closure variants. LongCap contributes to environmental protection and the optimal use of resources. Because no external tastes also means conservation of precious energy: no useless throwing away of a product. Of course all aluminium closures are recycled. LongCap leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.

Tamper-evident closure

  • Visible and audible tamper-evident closure
  • High guarantee of taste, aroma and freshness
  • Simple to open and reclose

Product specifications

  • Aluminium roll-on closure 30 mm(30x50 / 30x55 / 30x60 mm)
  • For BVS / BVP 30 H and GPI-1680 bottle neck finishes
  • For disposable- and returnable glass bottles
  • Can withstand up to 5 bar internal pressure - suitable for secco
  • You can choose between various seals (Saranex, Zinn-Saran, Alkozell EPE) for up to 50% alcohol
  • PVC-free inserts provide optimal closure properties
  • Recyclable

Sustainability / Recycling

  • Aluminium closures allow a better use of resources
    (no waste of expensive energy through foreign taste)
  • Aluminium closures are recycled
    (glass bottle recycling or Green Dot systems)

Quality is top priority

  • Easy and safe to open and reclose
  • Very good oxygen barrier
  • No external tastes
  • Constant opening values of the aluminium closure

Printing / promotion

  • Printing on inside of closure possible. Ideal for promotional activities
  • High-resolution, photo-realistic printing in 6 colours on top and side
  • Silkscreen printing on the side in metallic colours
  • Hot stamping foil

Top Quality for the Beverage Industry

All of our closures offer extremely high standards in terms of functionality, processing and consumer convenience. The expertise of Guala Closures Deutschland production and distribution facilities, coupled with the 'Guala Closures Group' quality seal, guarantees the highest level of product quality all over the world. Take advantage of our know-how.